Wildlife Husbandry Internship


Here at Alturas, we believe in the positive impact an internship can have on a person’s studies and career development. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to participate in independent research specific to your interests while also taking care of daily needs in the sanctuary and rehabilitation center. Our goal is to tailor the internship experience to each individual so they can leave feeling like they’ve taken a definitive step towards their future goals.

Our ideal candidate is someone who is:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Can commit to at least one month
  • Has recently graduated or plans to graduate in a related field (zoology, animal keeping, wildlife conservation)
  • Has experience working in a related field (rescue center, sanctuary, zoo)
  • Can provide at least 2 educational/ professional references
  • Successfully completes a Zoom interview

Common Experiences With a Wildlife Husbandry Internship

While no two internship experiences are exactly alike, there are several opportunities an intern can expect to be involved with. Here are some common experiences:

  • Participating in daily husbandry of sanctuary and rehab animals
  • Diet preparation
  • Feeding animals
  • Creating and administering enrichment
  • Feeding juvenile animals and neonates
  • Carrying out an independent research project
  • Record keeping
  • Observing routine necropsies
  • Animal restraint and capture methods
  • Participating in animal training sessions at the sanctuary
  • Managing our onsite camera trap program
  • Carrying out public tours
  • Participating in weekly, educational lectures/ workshops put on by our staff

Wildlife Husbandry Internship FAQ

Think you have what it takes to be an intern with Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Wildlife Husbandry Internship to answer any queries you might have about the process:

While Spanish-speaking individuals are valued at Alturas, it is not necessary to be fluent in Spanish to qualify for an internship. (Interns must be fluent in English!)

While there are similarities in some of the tasks which befall both an intern and a volunteer, interns have the distinction of working quite closely with Alturas staff, and are given more responsibility. Both interns and volunteers will be cleaning enclosures, feeding animals, collecting, making, and administering enrichment, and helping out with daily tasks around the center. Wildlife interns will also be asked to assist with orphan care, rescues, releases and are encouraged to develope a research project.

Because interns are expected to participate in in-depth tasks beyond what we expect of our volunteers, we believe one month is the minimum appropriate amount of time for an individual to learn our methods while still gaining experience beneficial to their future goals.

No, research projects are not mandatory; however, we highly suggest that you undertake research whilst working with us in order to gain more hands-on experience

In order to qualify, interns must currently be studying or have recently graduated with a degree in zoology, wildlife conservation, animal husbandry, or another relevant degree. Interns must also commit to the program for at least one month.

Yes, the internship is available during all times of year.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary can accommodate up to six interns at any given time.

No, interns and volunteers are offered the same accommodation rates and meals.