Intern Experience

Overseas Volunteer Experience Stories

Our interns and volunteers make our sanctuary what it is today, and we are so grateful for their hard work. We welcome volunteers from all over the world. We have invite volunteers/interns to write a small piece about their time at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary so that our readers can see first-hand what it’s like to be part of our team. Scroll down below to read the monthly inserts and get a better idea about life at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary.

Rhiannon Ferriday

Hello, my name is Rhiannon and I am from California. As an aspiring veterinarian, I applied for the veterinary and orphan care internship position at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary with the…
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Indigo Knights

Hi! My name is Indigo, I’m 17, and I was at Alturas for three months. I am originally from Canada, but I currently live in the Dominican Republic. I graduated…
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