Visitors meet the sanctuary residents while learning about their history, biology, and conservation needs. We offer refuge to a wide variety of animals including spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, a two-toed sloth, an anteater, different species of parrots, scarlet macaws, a toucan, an ocelot, and a crocodile, amongst others. The majority of these animals have been confiscated from the pet trade.

We do not allow any handling or touching of any wildlife

We ensure that our tours will offer the best educational experience through talks on Costa Rica’s biodiversity and the threats our wildlife are facing. Visitors are not allowed to feed or touch the animals in accordance with Costa Rican law. Many of the animals in our sanctuary have had traumatic experiences at the hands of humans before they came to us, so we try to create the most natural environment for them. This hands-off policy allows guests to observe some rare species up close whilst ensuring that these animals are living in a low-stress but naturally enriched environment.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is proud to support the #StopAnimalSelfies movement. We encourage guests to become ethical wildlife tourists.

The donations from these tours are applied 100% to running the sanctuary and rescue center.

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Prices (including taxes)
Adults – $33
Children (3-12) – $17
Adult Nationals – $11
Children (3-12) Nationals – $5

  • Closed Mondays
  • Guided Tours Only
  • Reservation required
  • Tours are in English only
  • Spanish tours can be arranged with advance notice. Please call +506 8609 5363 to arrange your tour in Spanish
  • Tuesday to Sunday
  • 9:00 am, 11:00 am, and 1:00 pm
  • Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Please arrive 10 minutes before your tour time begins

For more information about the tours, cancellations or if  you would like to do a tour in Spanish  (write us a few days in advance). You can send an email to  or call +506 8609 5363 between 7am and 3pm.