Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary invites you to take a tour with us. We have been in operation since December 2014. We operate a 24/7 rescue center, equipped with a veterinary clinic and nursery. Our aim is to rehabilitate all injured wildlife and release them back into their home. In order to safeguard the animals in recovery, our rescue center is not accessible to the public.

Our sanctuary provides refuge to those animals that unfortunately cannot be released back into the wild. The sanctuary is the only place that is accesible to the public during the tour; however, your tour guide will talk to you about the animals that are being treated in the rehab center.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your tour time begins


  • It is recommended to use a 4×4 vehicle  especially in the rainy season
  • Bring sunscreen
  • It is not necessary to wear hiking boots for this tour
  • In case of sudden rainfall, please bring a rain jacket or umbrella
  • Paths are graveled and not completely leveled
  • Only 50% of facilities are wheelchair accessible
  • We do not allow pets on the property
  • Please notify your guide if you have any medical conditions
  • IMPORTANT: While the guide will try to keep the group in the shade as much as possible, it gets very hot in the tropical sun. To prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke, please make sure you are properly hydrated and bring a water bottle.

 Food and drinks

We ask that guests do not bring any food or alcoholic beverages into the sanctuary.

The restaurant at Villas Alturas offers breakfast and lunch to the public, and we encourage you to eat before or after your tour at their facilities.

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