Lodging & Rates

Are you interested in volunteering with Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary? Volunteers can work with us for as little as five days or up to eight weeks—we will even accommodate long-term volunteers with food and lodging. Here are the different ways you can experience volunteering with Alturas:

Day Volunteer: This option is for folks who can commit to at least five days of volunteering between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. We enjoy hosting volunteers regularly one morning a week for the duration of their volunteer period! Please note that you will have to provide your own transportation, and the program costs $30 per day. Lunch is provided!

Overnight Volunteer: There are three kinds of lodging provided by Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary: apartment, house, and resort. Volunteers can select their preferred accommodations and choose to go all-inclusive with lunch and dinner prepared by our chef five nights a week. (Groceries will be provided on weekends.) All lodgings include WiFi.

The Volunteer House

Located just beside Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, this four-bedroom, the two-bathroom house can accommodate up to eight people. We ask that volunteers stick to same-sex lodgings unless they are traveling with their spouse or partner. Volunteers can opt for single occupancy rooms, though there is a price decrease for double occupancy.

As we typically accommodate more female volunteers than males, we ask that any male travelers coming alone book a single occupancy bedroom if they are the only male volunteer at the time. If double occupancy becomes a possibility, we will issue a refund upon notice.

Please note that the Volunteer House is the only lodging that does not come with air conditioning.

WeeksSingle occupancyDouble occupancy

The Apartment

A great option for those looking for privacy (or air conditioning!) the apartment is located in close proximity to the Volunteer House and the sanctuary. There is a kitchen in the apartment for volunteers who wish to make their own meals; otherwise, the “all-inclusive” option covers food for the duration of your stay.

WeeksSingle occupancyDouble occupancy

Villas Alturas Resort

This top-rated resort offers visitors iconic views from the Pacific Ocean from its private, seaside villas. Breakfast is included at the hotel, as is satellite TV.

Volunteering with Alturas costs $40 per day. This cost covers lunch and dinner, which will be prepared for you by our chef.

While volunteers can check-in at the hotel at any time during the week, orientation for new Alturas volunteers occurs every Monday and Thursday at 7:00 am. For resort pricing and availability, contact the hotel directly at opsmanager@villasalturas.com; don’t forget to mention you’re with Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary for their discounted rate!