Category: Birds

Roadside Hawk

It is a small hawk with short rounded wings. It has a pale-grey head with a brown body, and a striped brown-and-white chest and tail. There are 12 recognized sub-species which all have slight variations in appearance.

Taxonomy: (Buteo magnirostris)
Spanish Name: Gavilan chapulinero
Conservation Status: Least concern
Distribution: Throughout most of Central and South America
Habitat: Found in both lowland and foothill areas, in broken woodland or agricultural areas. Often found perching near the road.
Behavior: Throughout most of Central and South America
Weight: Between 250-300g; they measur 33-41cm in length.
Diet: They have quite a variable diet which includes insects, reptiles, small mammals and occasionally birds.
Reproduction: Roadside hawks are more territorial during breeding season and it is common to hear a wider variety of calls. They create compact nests using twigs, leaves and tree bark which can measure upto 46cm in diameter and 36cm deep. They lay 2 small eggs and incubate them for 37 days.
Threats: There are no documented threats on IUCN, except for the predation of their nests by humans.
At Alturas: Although it is not a common rescue, we have seen several throughout the years and often see them flying over the sanctuary and hear them while they are perching in nearby trees.