Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Protect Costa Rica’s Rainforest Wildlife

Our Impact!

To date Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary has rescued approximately 210 different species of Costa Rican wildlife:

species of birds
species of mammals
Species of reptiles

The Sloth

The Aracari and Macaw

Help Us support Them

If our animal and bird ambassadors have touched your heart, visit our donation page to make your gift.

How You Can Help

When you give to Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, your gift will go directly to projects that will help us rescue and rehabilitate 500 additional animals in 2022. We are:

  • Building new enclosures that mirror the animal’s habitat
  • Constructing a facility to nurture orphaned baby animals.
  • Continuing our focus on environmental and wildlife education through tours, internships and volunteerism.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization. Every donor, visitor, and volunteer helps us provide food, housing and veterinary care to a diverse range of native animal species.